Yes, it’s George Bush’s Fault

Here is a fabulous piece of literature talking about how
1-the US lost it’s moral authority to pressure others because of Guantanamo
2-10 years ago we had moral authority
3-before Iraq the UN was a source to be reckoned with
4-now the UN uses diplomacy
5-now the world wants the US to “throw it’s weight around” but we’re unwilling
6-Burma, Iran, Zimbabwe et al know that no one will do anything to get in their way

Apparently back in the good ol days, when we helped out the helpless in Rwanda and Haiti and Iraq and talked our way out of the Bosnian problem, way back then, way back before Guantanamo, then things were peaceful.

Do you suppose these thugs like Mugabe haven’t been watching for the past 30 years and yes, incorporated our time being spent in Iraq with their decisions? Or have they only been paying attention since George W Bush starting putting toothpicks under the nails of prisoners in Guantanamo?

Zimbabwe is a country of destitute, frightened billionaires. And yet there seems very little that a disapproving world can do about it.
Call it the axis of impunity. It is a club that speaks volumes about the state of the world.
There is no shortage of moral outrage about the members of this club. What is missing is the moral high ground.
When America points a justly accusing finger at Burma’s generals, it no longer has the same clout as it did a decade ago.
The double standards of Guantanamo Bay are one reason.
The other is the concept of “the coalition of the willing”, the phrase used by President Bush to describe a fairly reluctant bunch of fellow travellers on the regime change express.
This further eroded the weak authority of the United Nations and introduced an air of voluntary laxity into matters of global urgency.

Good Lord.

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  1. That is just frightening that an educated person wrote and believed this c***!!!!

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