Yearly ‘dis the Consumer Week’

We had Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday.

Essentially all names to either
a) make people feel badly that they enjoy getting a good deal (it’s so selfish and all being out there and gasp, shopping for others AND throwing in something for yourself)
b) make people feel badly for shopping at big box stores that have the things they want
c) make people feel badly for being too lazy to leave the house and hence buy all online
d) make people feel badly for not giving to charity

I refuse to play anymore.

I went out on Black Friday (ooooh) in search of 40% off items not only for others, but for myself! I hate to shop and barely do it all year long so when the shopping season hits, I generally need something. Others (Hi Mom!) love to shop. I don’t know if they went out on Black Friday or Saturday or whenever but this economy is run by consumers. We all ought to get a medal for spending a bit this last weekend so the retail stores can get a feel for how the season is going to be on them.
It helps them determine hiring/layoffs for the year.

And “Giving Tuesday”? Give me a break.

With so much consumption going on, giving back can easily be overlooked.

In the meantime the government is looking to limit the deductions on giving by the rich. The rich are the ones supporting these charities. My $50-$250 isn’t doing it. They’ve all suffered during this recession, whoops, I mean this jobless recovery, and they can pretty much kiss those donations that are incentivized by deductions goodbye.

Again – I want my medal for spending this Thanksgiving season that is not only a time of Thankfulness but also happens to include shopping because families are together and it’s an activity that grandma and little susie can do together and there are deals to be had. And so sorry – but I don’t feel guilty for buying myself a few bobbles.

4 thoughts on “Yearly ‘dis the Consumer Week’

  1. Well said! The Facebook smugness of those who are above such rampant consumerism had me blue. We should be sitting around feeling bad for the victims of Sandy, not saving their jobs or anything so déclassé!

    One group was starting a “buy nothing / boycott day” on Black Friday. And we lose philosophical battles and elections to these geniuses?

  2. Thanks!
    It truly is amazing that we lose these battles. Somehow in the battle of wits, it’s the loudest and most annoying who win.

  3. Only, it seems ot me, because “good men do nothing.” Most of us consider it impolite to engage in public debate over someone’s tightly held beliefs. But full-on debate isn’t even necessary. Merely, as Ayn Rand herself advised, say “I disagree.”

  4. You are right. I know I am respect amongst my friends and so to not let comments stand that are too ludicrous to stand, is step 1 and a massive step in getting people to think about it for a second. Assuming they like and respect you.

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