Yeah – well my baby sister could whip your a**

I admit it. I read headlines.

I open up 12 newspapers in tabs every day, then review the headlines searching for anything interesting to read.

I click on the link to the story, then move to the next paper and click on a link to a story etc, etc all the way down the line. Then I start at the beginning and read the story. If it’s not blogable I move back to the paper if there was a 2nd story worth my time, or I close the link down.

So imagine my surprise when I got down the line to this promising story with the following headline:

France ‘could take Farc rebels’

only to find out that France has offered to take in the FARC rebels after they are freed in a potential kidnapping deal that includes swapping out FARC rebels in Columbian jails for kidnapped victims.

It’s like it’s almost April Fools day or something!

Sheesh – I thought someone had called out those rebels with a newly minted classic taunt!

2 thoughts on “Yeah – well my baby sister could whip your a**

  1. Hi – stumbled into your blog and am thoroughly enjoying your take on things. I laughed my sides sore at France can take Farc rebels. You’re a breath of fresh air and I’ll stop by often. Cheers – Linda from Crone and Bear It

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Linda.
    After realizing my own mistake on that article above i had a bit of a chuckle myself!

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