“Y’all Halp us Mr. Barak. We r stuck in PA with our Guns and Bibles”

The connection just seemed to fit.

John Kerry’s most elitist moment when his true thoughts about folks who join the military because they have nothing else for themselves and..

..Barack Obama’s thoughts of small towners who are religious and/or own guns and/or disagree with illegal immigration and/or free trade laws as being bitter at a government who just won’t help them.


Mr. Obama did his magic bus turn again this morning where he embraced his gaffe rather than apologize for it. It is the wiser move and it has sedated many of his critics on the left. Why? Because many of the commenters on these sites from the left AGREE with his statement!!

(It’s not going to fly on the right, or in the middle though.)

Read Huffington, listen to Air America. In both their worlds we the people, need help. Why can’t we just get help. If only more money was spent giving us help, then we could rise.

It’s never, we the people made a gamble on that ARM, or we the people chose to drop out of high school or we the people choose to buy cable tv vs save for retirement. Somehow, we always need to look to the government for support.

And why else would we the people be religious, or carry guns? There has to be some explanation for such unreasonableness.

Comments from the left show that Barack’s ideas of the midwest are widespread among the elite and the elite are the ones voting for him. Interestingly, the Democratic party is also a party of unionists, and southerners. This is a real problem for the Democrats.

John McCain is not going to let this go and he shouldn’t. We still have 7 months until the election. 7 months!! Can you imagine the Obama truths to be revealed (or conversely the increasing list of Clinton lies)?

LOVED this line concerning “the gaffe” from Mickey Kaus (via Instapundit)

I used to think working class voters had conservative values because they were bitter about their economic circumstances–welfare and immigrants were “scapegoats,” part of the false consciousness that would disappear when everyone was guaranteed a good job at good wages. Then I left college. …

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  1. Halp me Brack Obarma! I got my guns n’ my churchagoin, n I’m stuck in Raq!
    Halp me Jon Cary!

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