Wrong Again?

Say what?

I should probably retire from this business of sharing my opinions online. Especially since they change moment to moment as one truth leads to another and sources are outed as false etc.

JG is right, maybe and I am maybe wrong again and the truth is……
In the end, his real incentive can only be from his words. His words state Islamic extremism.

The quest now is to find out if Islamic extremists help him, abetted him, were a part of this. They chose to take credit but I suppose before killing a bunch of people it’s best to think it through. Again – reasons why I’m not in charge.

One thing I will say though after reading this post recommended by a friend….
Facebook is a problem. We (yes me) boil things down into little snippets of information to make things easy to digest. We must, fb isn’t a book or even a magazine article. It leaves us thinking like Popehat here.

He first uses fb posts to divide the sides and then defines them and then says to not do that.

Interestingly, his definition of “sides” can only be defined by someone within his own Fb walls because mine aren’t quite like that. I know many D’s who are gun rights advocates. Which is why I hope it does become a major issue because people from both sides of the aisle will come together.

I do like his discussion of dogs as an example of the misinformation floating around which make the 2 gun sides really get fed up with one another.

I also think spouse abusers should definitely be denied their gun rights and if they are not convicted, then there should at least be a more thorough investigation into their background before selling them guns. Let’s take some money used to study bizarre things and put it towards FBI background checks so the, if we can’t do it in 3 days, then you get your gun, situation doesn’t take affect. And let’s actually prosecute the laws we have on the books now first before throwing in a bunch of new ones.

more random opinions, probably wrong, from me. Maybe I need to go back to the old blog name….ithinkthereforeierr.blogspot.com!

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