Wow! The Clinton Machine is Done!

In most of the articles this morning, the story is the horrendous polls and how inaccurate they were. And why? Because they underestimated the white vote.

Per the Daily Mail, here is the breakdown.

It’s kind of interesting. Trump did not do badly with Latinos and held his own with blacks in comparison with other elections.

I think the articles should be about what a tremendously horrible, rotten, corrupt candidate the Dems put up this year. You have 2 candidates. Both are bad. One is corrupt and has been working to make this a banana republic bought and sold through the Clinton Foundation for years. The other – he’s insulting, and mean, and rude. Sorry guys, I’ll take insulting, mean and rude over absolute corruption and the continuation of corruption any day. With Trump there is a chance. With Clinton it would have been the same old same old.

Articles/Columns to read:
Daily Mail’s wrap up

From the WSJ before the election – this column was worthy.
David French of the National Review

At the same time that I’ve been Never Trump, I have also been Never Hillary. There is a measure of real justice in the America’s rejection of Hillary Clinton. The electorate has directly and intentionally rebuked her corruption, her double standards, and her arrogance. This election was less about the love of Trump (though many millions do certainly love him) than it was about rejecting the colossal hubris of the progressive establishment. This is a good thing, a very good thing indeed.

Kevin Williamson of the National Review

There is not much to celebrate in the elevation of Donald Trump, but there is much to celebrate in the defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Some time back, I described the Clintons as the penicillin-resistant syphilis of American politics; it turns out that there is a treatment after all, though it may remind us of some of the more exotic and unpleasant treatments that were relied upon in the time before antibiotics. Mrs. Clinton is an unusually unlikeable figure, having as she does the same sliminess and slipperiness as her husband but none of his facile charm and nearly flawless political instincts. She is also wrong about some fundamental things: what the Constitution means and how the Supreme Court should interpret it, abortion, gun rights, crime, education, taxes, the economy. . . .

From Richard Fernandez of PJ Media with a hat tip to limited government:

It’s not enough to give nice speeches or engage in teaching moments.. The facts are more important. Michael F. Cannon tweeted: “think of your least favorite presidential candidate. Now imagine s/he wins. Doesn’t limiting government power seem like a good idea?” Would the progressives agree with that now?

Da people were done with corruption and the unfairness of our justice system. They were done with passing down the presidency:Clintons/Bush’s (if you go back to the primaries).
Trump gave a great acceptance speech last night. Kudos to him.

May God be with him to humble him for this great opportunity to give power back to the people and the states of this nation. I am happy the GOP won both houses. They will work to keep him in check without automatically treating him like the devil as the D’s would have done.
He has a chance.

And so to does the Supreme Court!!!

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