I got home for the 2nd half of Guiliani’s speech. I missed the wind up so I think things sounded a bit over the top for me. Others I know loved it…and he always cracks me up.

But then…..THEN…..Palin. She was AWESOME!!

Funny, articulate, smart, strong, funny, strong, oh and did I say strong?

She did not back down a centimeter from her family.
She shared her “experience” as an executive.
She said great things about McCain.
She spoke of foreign affairs as it relates to what she knows about. Energy.
And she spoke of it realistically.
And may I just note how well she spoke? I love President Bush, but I can’t watch him speak. Palin……this woman can speak in public.

Palin is all grown up, knows who she is and what she can do. She’s done things and effin knows it. She loves her family and they love her. She was a brilliant, brilliant choice.

We all know the major stupidity out there in the net about Palin, but one thing I’ve heard is that the American people should not want to have someone “like them” be on the ticket.

Why? Because we should want someone better.

Palin IS better. She’s certainly had more experiences, and made more major decisions, is funnier and has better poise than me. AND she’s authentic. I believe that when people talk of wanting someone they ‘would have a beer with’ they don’t mean they want someone as “regular” as themselves. Instead they mean someone who is authentic and interesting and interested. Palin is like that in spades and it shows.

WOW!! Palin is Awesome!

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