Word on the Arab Street

via Powerline: “A great thank you again to this great country of ours from the Ajinas in Iraq & the U.S.A for freedom, self rule and a bright future.”

via Instapundit: “It was the voice of the Iraqi people that was being heard yesterday, not the bomb blasts of the terrorists. What little violence there was as millions crowded toward their local polling stations only served to demonstrate how incoherent and pointless are the efforts of the men of violence to change the country through further bloodshed.”

via Captain Ed:“Have we Gotten the Message now?”

from AP: “he appearance of a buoyant Bush in the Oval Office alongside six smiling young Iraqis displaying purple-stained fingers was an attempt to capitalize on any positive news in Iraq.”

2 thoughts on “Word on the Arab Street

  1. Cannot wait for real peace and 10 years from now when these lefty idiots will finally be put down!!
    They just hate being wrong, but you would think they’d be getting used to it……..

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