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UPDATE: (bumped to the top – because you’ll want to know!) Surgery is over and even though results of the biopsy won’t be back until next week the surgeon thought things looked benign! What a great “Word of the Day”! Thank you all for your kind words/thoughts!

Today’s word of the Day is ‘Benign’.

I know I am the luckiest person in the universe. I have a great family/friends/circumstances. Health is good, family’s health is good, friends’ health is good. Money is fine, job is steady, even the weather is great.
Today my dog Merlin goes in to have a liver biopsy.
(I told you money was fine!)

So think ‘benign’ – because he’s the best dog in the universe. (ok – other than yours (in your twisted universe)…whatever) So even though I get all the breaks and it probably isn’t fair, – this one is for him.


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  1. You’re right — there has never been a better dog!! (And, as his aunt, I’m qualified to say that.)

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