Why they hate us

Or rather if they hate us for the reasons “people” say….(interference in their affairs, the war in Iraq, the taking of their oil, etc, ect)……then why are they still killing Spaniards who made it a public point to remove themselves from Iraq?

Yemen officials say seven Spanish tourists and two Yemenis have been killed in a suspected Al Qaeda suicide car bomb attack on their convoy in the province of Marib.

Six Spanish tourists were wounded in the attack and were taken to hospitals in Sanaa and Marib, about 150km east of the capital, the official Saba news agency quoted an interior ministry source as saying.

“Preliminary information indicate that Al Qaeda is behind this cowardly terrorist attack,” the source said.

2 thoughts on “Why they hate us

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  2. I’m gonna say this is just ONE small example of the faulty thinking going on in AQ!

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