“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

I was going to ignore the Thomas L. Friedman column in the NYTimes today extolling, once again the fact that China, can “get things done”. Because, come on…..

There is absolutely no reason our democracy should not be able to generate the kind of focus, legitimacy, unity and stick-to-it-iveness to do big things — democratically — that China does autocratically. We’ve done it before. But we’re not doing it now because too many of our poll-driven, toxically partisan, cable-TV-addicted, money-corrupted political class are more interested in what keeps them in power than what would again make America powerful, more interested in defeating each other than saving the country.

Or maybe, just maybe it’s because we disagree. Fundamentally, on the paradigms that make things tick.

ie. Regarding health insurance companies deciding to drop new child only policies. Some would say, yeah – no duh, of course that’s the next logical step else they get stuck paying for sick children without healthy children to offset the costs.
Others would say –

“It’s obviously very unfortunate that insurance companies continue to make decisions on the backs of children and families that need their help,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said at a news briefing.

or they say:

“Insurers need to decide if they are in the business of providing care or denying coverage,” said Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California, a consumer group.

Insurers provide risk pools. They do no provide care!! And it’s not up to insurance companies to make sure that everyone who wants their help gets it. They exist to make a dime.

How can people who understand business get along and get things done with the cooperation of people who think it’s other people’s job to contribute no matter what the costs?

Let’s look at another recent example. Under the veil of consumer protection, the government has decided we pay toooooo much in overdraft fees. “Let’s make a law” they said, as if that would then solve the problem. It may have solved one particular thing for a certain segment of banker, (consumer), but:

When new laws and regulations limit the circumstances when banks can charge fees, they have to make their money in other ways. My bank used to offer me free no-minimum-balance checking — but now wants to charge me $15 a month for the privilege.

How can people who think logically actually “get things done” with those who can’t think past some paradigm that includes “if we make a law, everyone get in line to follow it, no matter what it costs them”?

Riddle me that Mr. Friedman.

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  1. Too bad the same problem exists in our local council! Three who are entitled and think everyone should pay for what they want, four who understand business………….almost capitalism v. socialism……or is it?

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