Whoa – Racism

Ace of Spades gives room for Stephen den Beste to write on the press and why they fight so hard to make certain that Obama is successful.

According to him:

But no one wants to hang Obama’s head on their wall. Any good little liberal press person who does that will be scorned for the rest of their lives by all the people they know whose opinions they value. You! You’re the one who ruined it all! It’ll be a hundred years until we can get another non-white-male elected, and it’s all your fault!

No one wants to be the one who breaks the spell, even though the Emperor truly does not have any clothes. Everyone is thinking the same thing: You know, Obama really isn’t a very good president. Truth to tell, he’s been terrible. People voted for him because he was black. He’s the first Affirmative Action President.

They’re all thinking that, but it’s, you know, racist and if anyone says it, they could start the process of ruining everything

Interesting thing…..bullshit. I don’t think for a second that Obama, this Barack Obama in any way reflects every other minority/female potential president out there. He is reflective of a knee jerk progressive community organizer and that’s it.

IF the media backs him because they assume that future minority/female candidates will be judged on his record then THEY are horrible racists and they think you are a horrible person.

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