Who to vote for

My internet connection was/is down at home today, (right when my brilliant thoughts on the McClellan book are coalescing). Anyway…..

If you didn’t read best of the web yesterday, please note James Taranto’s recognition of the importance of “voting for the old guy” so we can avoid another ex president gadding about in his/her after years.

Whatever you think of the Carter postpresidency, the second Bush presidency and the Hillary Clinton candidacy, all three have been consequential. When Americans elect a president, then, they may turn out to have committed themselves, for better or worse, to more than a four-year term. Among recent presidents, only Ronald Reagan’s influence is measured almost entirely by what he did before leaving office. In choosing the next president, then, the most cautious approach may be to vote for the old guy.

2 thoughts on “Who to vote for

  1. There are many reasons to vote for the old guy.

    1. While he is not as conservative as many of us would like he certainly isn’t as liberal as the other guy/gal.

    2. Given his age he is probably a one term President so he can focus on running the country and obtaining his goals, not worrying about reelection.

    3. After his term he won’t have that many yrs. left to run around the world making idiotic, treasonous statements like at least two of them are doing.

    4. He won’t be drawing his pension from the gov’t for as long as these young guys (none of whom really need it).

    5. etc. etc. etc

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