White Phosphorus

Jeff Goldstein on the latest. Thanks Jeff.

“In Kos’s world, there is no difference between US military and the regime of Saddam Hussein—between humiliation and rape rooms ; between the sanctioned use of WP against entrenched terrorists and the use of nerve agents and WP on Kurdish civilians; between fighting to free a people and fighting to keep them subjugated.
Such moral relativism is not clever or nuanced, though it likes to pretend to be. Instead, it is obfuscatory for the sake of personal aggrandizement: Kos and his ilk like to play as the conscience of the country, but what they are, really, are the kinds of intellectually feeble brats who have come to take for granted the very system they hope to tear down.”

One thought on “White Phosphorus

  1. Maybe it is too bad Kos isn’t IN a country that he would have to fight for some freedom – maybe then there would be SOME appreciation for it. Mom always says, “If you give someone something for nothing, they will treat it like it’s nothing”…..Mom knows best.

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