Where my cold dead dark heart reveals it’s true nature

From the NYtimes:

“The storm was easy,” said Brenda Shinette, 51, who rode out the hurricane in her home but went to a shelter Sunday hoping to be taken to the mainland. “It’s what came after that was terrible.”

We have no showers, and the food is spoiled,” Ms. Shinette added. “I feel like I want to pass out, but I can’t tell if it is from too much heat or too little food.”

So Ms Shinette, or shall I just call you ‘dumbass’, you decided to wait out a hurricane where evacuation was ordered and where you were to face “certain death” and yet you neglected to have any food or water on hand that was not perishable within 2 days??
This after Katrina proved that people DO suffer after bad weather?

“I will go anywhere but here,” Shannika Jones said as she stood at the shelter with her sons, both under age 2, in a line to board a bus. “My babies are getting sick.” Behind her were two rows of chairs filled with elderly people, some with open wounds.

“Next time they should warn people about this, not the storm itself,” Ms. Jones said.

And Ms Jones, or shall we call you dumbass mother of the year, you too decided to wait out a storm certain to flood your house with children under the age of 2 who are apt to get sick by looking at a germ and you’d like it to be made more clear that it’s after the storm that is the real worry?

What was the part that wasn’t expected? The no power, the no food, or the no water?

Imagine if it really were the storm that was the problem Ms Jones. 2 babies under the age of 2 in tow trying to prevent harm from a hurricane with things blowing about, water creeping in and your children running in 2 directions.

If I were king………

5 thoughts on “Where my cold dead dark heart reveals it’s true nature

  1. Why don’t they warn people? Man, I heard Cat-4 hurricane, I was thinking it was a kitty-cat! We should have a governmnet that tells people about these things!

  2. ‘Oh – I knew it was a category 4 hurricane, but I didn’t think it’d be soooo messsy later.’

    ‘Someone should have told me!’

  3. No – you don’t need to be elitist to vote but you should have at least enough smarts to understand that with no electricity food will spoil, water won’t flow, the air cond. (or furnace) won’t run. Too much to expect from people who help select the next most powerful person here on earth.

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