What we (the west) won’t do

to save our resources.

Um – save our resources.
We will however be happy to save yours! Three sources has the link to the London Times who’s title says it all:

To cancel out the CO2 of a return flight to India, it will take one poor villager three years of pumping water by foot. So is carbon offsetting the best way to ease your conscience?

David Cameron bought carbon offsets through Climate Care so he could fly guilt free to India.
One of the offsets sold through climate care is human powered mechanisms for pumping water vs using diesel.

Read the story – it truly is a great example of liberalism in it’s glory. Similar to the lady I met one time in Leadville Colorado who claimed to be a native American and was very upset with Walmart because Hopi’s were buying Walmart yarn to make their rugs. (and thus saving tons of time and selling more rugs and bettering themselves) I can’t stand these people.

It’s great that poor folks in India have figured out a treadle design for pumping water so they no longer have to rely on big businesses to water their crops. Good for them. And frankly – if it’s them who figured out they could get carbon offset buyers to pay for the enterprise – double good for them. But for Mr. Cameron to think for one second he’s made up his use in carbon………arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. Jeremy,
    Thanks for the comment but I need to point out to readers Jeremy’s great quote concerning this concept at Climate Care:

    “You can read about this on their website right here, because they don’t think it’s remotely embarassing.”

    Go, read his link(s).

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