What Changed Now

So yesterday I wavered. I don’t know if it’s the polls showing Trump is going to lose (this hasn’t bothered me before). Was it the weekend hot mic? (no – who didn’t know this of Trump?)

It’s the lack of understanding/compassion from the Trump campaign for the rest of the GOP.

And I have no respect for the GOP. The GOP is at fault for Trump. In their quest to not have a Ted Cruz or even Marco Rubio as their nominee in favor of Jeb Bush, they boosted Trump. They could have found tapes of how awful Trump is. They could have shown some minimum amount of understanding and compassion for those who actually need to compete with illegal aliens. They could have adjusted rules so that there weren’t 18 (18!!) people in the primary.

So they made their bed.

Trump is smart enough to realize his own personality and traits that are not presidential. He’s not a professional politician and he could easily discuss how he doesn’t quite get what all is needed, but that he does need a GOP congress if he’s going to get things done. Instead – he doesn’t care.
Just because Paul Ryan is vilified by many on the right doesn’t mean he didn’t get elected and gets to serve in his spot. Trump could easily ignore what’s going on with Ryan by just suggesting that he understands, but that when he’s elected President, they’ll all figure out how to get along. Isn’t that what’s done in business?

Why is this unforgivable to me vs Trump’s support of Kelos? I think it just may be that final straw on the camel’s back. It’s not any worse than anything else. And maybe it’s because Colorado no longer feels in play so I have a little leeway.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have money for a real Libertarian candidate next time that morphs into the new GOP? Come on – you know the GOP is dead and gone.

Also I lost a friend this weekend. He died within 3 months of diagnosis leaving behind a wife and a wonderful 4 year old girl. This election really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things.

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