Front Page of the Washington Post today.

Police Feel Wartime Pinch on Ammo
Target Practice Cut To Conserve Bullets

OMG you think!! We need those bullets here rather than overseas in foreign places!! If only Bush hadn’t started this damn war we’d have enough bullets to handle our own criminals!! We’ll have to arrest people using spitballs! (I still miss Zell)

Turns out that article, that page one article, notes the ammo shortage is occuring during wartime. Not BECAUSE of wartime.
And frankly it’s old news. Confederate yankee already fixed the AP story that came out on this on the 21st of August. How? By calling a major ammunition manufacturer.

Let me make that crystal clear.

According to two spokesmen for the world’s largest ammunition manufacturer, which runs the military’s ammunition manufacturing plant and separately, is a major supplier of law enforcement ammunition, it is a massive and unexpected increase in law enforcement ammunition demand that is causing delays in law enforcement ammunition delays, not the war.

Once again, a media organization with target fixation seems to have widely missed the mark.

Read the quotes, click on through….be amazed.


  1. Here’s the thing, does anybody in the media or Washington have a brain? does reason or logic ever seep into their thought process? I cannot understand why it was such a shock to everyone that GI;s coming home might have problems with medical care, the numbers being processed in the system skyrocketed and was only apparent to any human being that watched the incessant coverage by the MSM.
    Now reports are that we are using lots of ammo so there might be shortages or increased need for more production.

    If you drive your car at a rate 5-10 times more than you have for the last 20 years, should it come as a shock if you don’t increase your maintenance the wheels might come off?

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