War: part II

In yesterday’s Post I agreed that we were not in “full-out war”. I still think that’s true and think that full out war is there in our hip pocket for future reference.

Is it the right way to go? I don’t know. I’m no military person. I do not believe that President Bush just “stays the course” with his original plan without reviewing things all the time. At what point would we the people put up with a full out war? Probably not until/unless we get attacked here at home in a major way. That’s the point I was trying to make. Our people – FBI, CIA, Military all the way through the ranks, local police, regular joes/janes and other people’s people are doing a great job of keeping that major attack from happening. I prefer that.

In regards to this war,
It looks like the military is going to change tack in Baghdad for a bit and I think that’s good. A security ring is to be built around the city.

Johnson, the U.S. military spokesman, said the Baghdad project has been underway for a few weeks and that building has begun. The plan is to use the natural terrain where possible and reinforce existing barriers, “complementing them with trenches, in other places berms, and other types of fencing.”

It’s hard to imagine putting up with that, but if in Denver we were finding 50 dead people a day, we would choose the same thing.

In Pakistan, Musharraf has released 2500 prisoners of war. That guy is losing it. I hate to be one of those people who think the US actually runs everything/everybody, but I really hope we have a huge handle on this and it’s all actually about allowing US forces into Waziristan and finishing the job there.