War in Iraq

What exactly is going on now that has made people think its time to give up on Iraq? They are voting in less than a month!! You’d think people could wait until then to cut and run. Is it because the President is out of the country? Is it because the election is so close and if something goes wrong they’ll be ahead of the game, while if things go right people won’t remember anyway?

In the past few weeks Arabs have started speaking out against terrorists and their methods. (see Amman) Isn’t the writing starting to be on the wall? It was still the right thing to do, but only if we finish the job. Can’t we wait until after the elections, please??

John Murtha via protein Wisdom
Scott McClellen on his speech via protein wisdom

One thought on “War in Iraq

  1. I completely agree the media is losing this war for us. Every time the ___*** terrorists see that the MEDIA wants us out of Iraq, that the MEDIA can’t see the good we are doing there….they win. They believe the media reflects what the rest of the country feels and thinks. WRONG!! Our media just SUCKS. They are too scared to get out of their hotel (I would be, too, but that is why I AM NOT THERE) so they report on dead bodies and NOTHING of what was accomplished. If any of the other wars were reported that way we would have been speaking French (because we would BE THAT WIMPY AND SPINELESS) and wearing turbans long ago.

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