WalMart and Pharmacies

I like it when other people do my research for me. Yes – I’m lazy.
When I wrote this post about Walmart being forced to carry the morning after pill in part because in rural areas they are the only game in town and hence have to carry all commonly prescribed medications, I was thinking to myself that WalMart doesn’t really exist in true rural areas where they would be the only game in town. They exist in medium sized towns that would have at least a grocery store pharmacy. So I thought the argument was silly but didn’t do the research.

Well, Walmart has decided to go ahead and carry this pill here in Colorado. View from a Height conveniently did the research that I didn’t do and found that here in CO there isn’t a town where Walmart is the only game in town.
As I said earlier, I would have closed the place and cut off my nose.

6 thoughts on “WalMart and Pharmacies

  1. I don’t agree that whether they are the only game in town matters. The bottom line to me is; if you are in a certain profession you dedicate yourself to do the best at that profession. Why should Wal Mart be able to shirk the licensing rules and regulations everyone else has to cow to in order to keep a license?

  2. I have to disagree. I think the morning after pill is a bit different than an antibiotic. As such I think that a business owner can agree/disagree to carry it.

  3. OK I’ll bite….SO, even in, say the profession of say, real estate – IF a person holding a license had personal prejudices against any protected class, they should not have to follow Fair Housing regulations because they didn’t believe in them? Even though they are operating their own little business under their own little shingle? or not sign radon disclosures if I don’t believe it is a problem, or lead based paint, or mold?

  4. No, I’m saying that there is a BIG, BIG difference between believing that radon is not a problem and believing that abortion is murder. I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but as of yet, no authority other than the pope has said when life actually begins. It’s fuzzy. Is it murder at 8months and 28 days? Is it murder at 1 day? If I were king, the woman decides up to the point of viability. At that point we get to induce and she gets no further say in the kid. However there are people who believe life starts at conception. The owners of Walmart believe that. Why should the state (who refuses to define when life starts) get to insist that a pharmacy carry a drug that is not there to cure anything at all but exists only to end a pregnancy? It IS different than radon and it’s different than Fair housing. It’s life.

  5. While the specifics (abortion) is definitely a different issue, the point that they break the rules or don’t have to follow them in a heavily regulated industry, because of their convictions just doesn’t fly with me. Be in the business or don’t – if everyone did only what they morally thought was right, we would have all kinds of justification for murder of all kinds.

  6. I’m not sure that’s a good point. If everyone did only what they morally thought was right – what would the justification for murder be? Most regulations are set up so that you don’t do harm to others. Forcing a company to sell a drug that specifically does harm to others, I believe, is out of that realm. If I were walmart, I would just close the pharmacies. Lay off all those people and let the towns live with the consequences of such a regulation that forces them to sell a drug that they believe murders people. Walmart doesn’t need to be a pharmacy. Then you can bet the regulations would change.

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