Wacko Birds?

Seriously? Wacko Birds.

Allapundit has a great post who I quote from below. [ht jg]

Yes John McCain. The man chosen to run for President on the GOP side is calling someone “asking for a simple acknowledgment that the president can’t liquidate American citizens suspected of plotting terrorism on American soil without some sort of due process.” (who is not causing anyone imminent danger) wacko birds.

On the plus side (again via Allahpundit)

Arguing in favor of a president’s power to fire missiles at an enemy combatant on U.S. soil even if he’s a U.S. citizen and isn’t engaged in terrorism at the time when the FBI could just as easily go in and grab him? If that’s a “wacko bird” position, then a lot of people who agree with it will be left wondering whether the entire mainstream rap on libertarians and paleocons as being “fringe” and “extreme” is a lie.

And perhaps, ahem, the Tea Party can get its definition back.

Happy Friday everyone. Maybe today the President can buy pizza all around and have some other old Republican promise to love honor and cherish whatever other power he can get for the Executive branch.
For the children.

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