Vetted as “Green”

This article cracked me up. It’s about LEED certifications for greenness in buildings. It’s become the latest status symbol.

Michael Lehrer, who designed the platinum-rated Water + Life Museum complex in Hemet, outside Los Angeles, said, ……“At a time when everybody and their sister and brother are saying ‘We are green,’ it’s very important that these things be vetted in a credible way.”

Because God forbid my home ever get called green.

Even though it’s 800 sq ft big. For air conditioning, I close the curtains in the morning and hang a blanket up between the cool part of the house and the western part where the sun will beat in the afternoon. Or the clothes line that works 10 times faster than a Energy Star Rated electric dryer.

Apparently many aren’t going for the new LEED accreditation because of the 2600 sq ft requirement. lol