A nice re-cap of the Bush Doctrine for a Friday.

“Much is made of global anti-Americanism and hatred of George Bush. But under closer examination, the furor is mostly confined to Western Europe, the autocratic Middle East, and our own elites here at home. In Europe, our most vocal critics, Jacques Chirac in France and Gerhard Schroeder in Germany, have lost considerable domestic support, and are under challenge by realists worried about their own unassimilated minorities and appreciative of American consistency in the war against radical Islam. In the meantime, Eastern Europeans, Japanese, Australians, and Indians have never been closer to the United States. Russia and China have little beef with our war on terror.”

5 thoughts on “VDH

  1. Who decided that liberal weirdos are “elites” anyway? I thought elite meant above regular society or “better than” in whoever’s definition….??

  2. The quote? From VDH.
    I believe it would be fairer to say ‘relative’ consitency. Vs others.

    You have to figure out what you can win, where you can win it and what the costs will be in any conflict.
    As to the Russia, China thing, I don’t think our policy on Iranian nuclear power is “our war on radical Islam”. Do you?

  3. There is no relative consistency. Either you are consistent or you are not.
    Have you once been relatively pregnant? Less pregnant than others?

    Are you saying Iran isn’t radical? Do you read foreign news? Have you heard what the Iranian president said about Israel?

  4. You’re comparing pregnancy to foreign policy? Isn’t that reaching just a bit? Most things are relative. And frankly as to the “Bush Doctrine” – we’ll call it, attacking when attacked and preemptively attacking those who threaten us who we think we’ve got a good enough reason to attack and win and when it’s convenient to us in order to spread democracy which we’ve found to be rather stabilizing compared to many other ways of governance.

    Seriously – are you thinking the Bush Doctrine says to wage war, right now, on all nations who sponsor terrorism? I think it might be smarter to do it on our time table.

    And no, I’m not saying Iran isn’t radical. They are. I’m saying our policy in regards to their nuclear “power” ambitions while part of, is not equivalent to our policy in regards to the War on Terror.

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