US leaving 13 bases in Germany

I didn’t know we had that many bases to leave.

Quick google search:
There are 44 bases there.

•Each year, Germany contributes nearly $1 billion to the upkeep ofU.S. bases in Germany.(Council on Foreign Relations, 2003)
• Ramstein Air Base, the biggest U.S. base in Germany, costs about $1billion annually—an amount equal to Germany’s yearly contribution toward the upkeep of U.S. bases.(Council on Foreign Relations, 2003)
• On average, the other 43 bases cost about $240 million each — about the same as a single F/A-22 fighter jet.(Council on Foreign Relations, 2003)
• With 34,000 American residents, Kaiserslautern is the largestAmerican community outside of the United States. (City of Kaiserslautern, 2003)
• Since 1945, some 17 million Americans have served tours of duty in Germany. Many return time and again as tourists.(German Foreign Office, 2003)