Universal Healthcare

I said it earlier, it looks like others agree. Diplomad points out the steps. (re-formatted by me for emphasis)

1- The government will spend millions more to “fix” it, and will fail.

2 -The Democrat Mau-Mau machine will go into high gear and blame
a) the Republican Congress,
b) the “Republican shut down” of the government, and, of course,
c) the private sector.

3 -Schumer, Wasserman-Shultz, Rangel, Pelosi, Sharpton, Krugman, etc, will allege that Obamacare is being sabotaged by the insurance companies, and

4 -the problem is that it did not go far enough:
time for the pretend to end, and the government to take over health care outright.

UPDATE: Aha!! Bold is mine.

A second reason for the pestilential rollout is complexity created by the requirement that users enter and confirm their personal information before they begin shopping. Some speculate the administration’s goal was simply to ensure those customers who are entitled to big discounts aren’t scared off by seeing only unsubsidized prices. But success depends on signing up enough unsubsidized customers. A likelier motive was to make the healthy and affluent, once they enrolled, fearful of unwanted IRS attention if they didn’t follow through on their mandated duty to buy overpriced insurance to keep the scheme afloat.

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