Universal Health Care

Hillary said that she wants us out of Iraq before she becomes president so she doesn’t have to deal with problems created by Bush, do you suppose she’d like Hillarycare to be properly funded also before she becomes president so that if there are problems she won’t be to blame??

George W Bush is onto her though…From the Whitehouse yesterday:

My budget increases funding for the poor children in S-CHIP. The problem is that Democrats want to expand S-CHIP far beyond its original intent. If their proposal becomes law, S-CHIP would expand its reach to include children from family that earn as much as $80,000 a year, as well as some adults. This is a massive expansion of the program.

And as a result, many of these people would give up the private health insurance they have now as they move to government health care. In fact, a recent study estimated that as many as half the children enrolling in S-CHIP would drop their private health coverage, which is contrary to the program’s original purpose. The Democrats’ proposal is part of a larger strategy.

At the same time that they try to expand S-CHIP to older citizens, they are trying to expand Medicare to younger citizens. Their goal is to take incremental steps down the path to government-run health care for every American. It’s the wrong path for our nation.

Emphases mine.

I’ve never had problems with my healthcare providers, but I know others have. That seems to be the dividing line between those who want universal coverage and those who don’t. Then there are those who’ve had good experiences in other countries and those who haven’t. It’s all a bunch of stories. I’ll stick with the idea of the government running as few things as possible myself. They have a tendancy to bungle.