UN Headline News Watch (day 3)

Still waiting for at least a news story on the Iranian hostage taking…..
Yes, I’ve given up on them just putting themselves in the mess and saying “hey – the Brits were following what we requested. They were ok’d. Let them go”

And the UN still doesn’t provide. Today’s headlines:
1) Secretary-General, Security Council praise Ivorian deal to appoint new Prime Minister

2) Ban Ki-moon calls on Arab leaders to renew backing for Middle East peace plan

3) Darfur: UN and Sudan sign deal to improve humanitarian operations

4) Security Council says cooperation between UN and African Union crucial for peace

5) UN report calls for action to help Liberian children living in orphanages

3 thoughts on “UN Headline News Watch (day 3)

  1. Glad to see the UN is still good for nothing! My world would be rocked if they actually did something they were supposed to, or something honorable/productive. Monsters.

  2. So to summarize… Africa, Middle East, Africa, Africa, Africa…

    I’m reminded that Sean Penn recently called upon the Bush administration to provide health care to Africa after saying something incoherent about soiled underwear.

    I’m not sure what else to say but ‘trite minds think alike’ or something like that.

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