Trucker’s “Strike”

No, not a union strike but an independent operators sick day sort of strike.
We need them!
What is it they want?

“What I would personally like to see is our federal and state governments, until our economy recovers, suspend federal and state fuel taxes,” the 49-year-old said. “The second thing I’d like to see is an oversight committee for truck insurance, which is part of what’s taking us down.

“The average owner/operator is paying $600 to $800 a month for truck insurance. It’s based on personal credit, which means the monthly cost is going up for a lot of truckers because their credit is going down.

I’m with Scott on this one. The government is bailing out businesses in fear of a recession. Truck drivers keep things moving in this country and without them we really could talk of a recession. They’re not asking for much.

the daughter of a truck driving man who easily predicted the last recession because he is at the very heart of American business concerns.

4 thoughts on “Trucker’s “Strike”

  1. Always wondered about all the federal interference in that business…..doesn’t seem right. And boy do we need them! Would that change buying local in a hurry or what?

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  3. to all drivers.. let the AIR out of your breaks and set for a while.. join the strike against fuel prices april 1st, and watch this country come to a stop.. if the fuel is comming from our land.. why should it cost soooo much to buy it?? if you hit your breaks on april 1st this country will be more inclined to lower fuel prices, as an owner opperator i can first hand wittiness how the prices of fuel have crushed and crippled this economy.. and there is no sign of relief…

  4. Professional drivers are asking American citizens to participate in the “National Shut-Down”

    This is an issue effecting all of us and we MUST take a stand NOW. Our government IS a major contributing factor in the outrageous price of fuel…we must take this action to get their attention. All other avenues has only fallen on deaf ears – our government is ignoring the will, and needs, of the American people.

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