I’ve basically stayed off of this subject.

Why? Because I don’t think we should torture, and at the same time I don’t think playing rap music or exposing someone to menstrual blood really is torture and at the same time, I’m not so naive to think it never happens, nor so naive to think that ex-prisoners would not make up stories of torture in order to act the sympathetic victims.

So I stay out of it.

Now this guy (the medic accused of spreading hiv to infants in Libya) sounds as though he was tortured and it sounds horrible. After finally “confessing” he was put into prison:

The guards brought the other prisoners Libyan newspapers, which accused us of being child murderers. The Arab papers also spread these lies, picking up their stories from Libyan sources. Instead of defending me, the Palestinian envoy claimed that I had confessed to him that I was a Mossad agent and had deliberately infected the children. Many of the prisoners believed this. We Arabs are hypocrites. We know the truth and yet we believe the lies.

Mr. al-Hazouz is now a Bulgarian citizen. May he live a peaceful rest of his life. His story is worth a read.