Tonight: Liberty on the Rocks 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Join us on Monday, May 13th, when we will be celebrating the first anniversary of the Flatirons chapter with a showing of “FrackNation” – a documentary that follows journalist Phelim McAleer as he seeks out the science behind, and truth about, fracking. After the movie there will be short Q&A with Americans for Prosperity, followed by the opportunity to network with other local liberty supporters. Come for the event, stay for the food and networking – you’re guaranteed a great evening no matter what!

Hope to see you there at Miller’s Bar and Grille in Lafayette

UPDATE: The movie was fun, the company was great and hopefully the fundraiser helped out the group.

The fracking people need a hook, a reason for people to be pro-fracking. Good luck with that.
Here’s the anti side: They poison us, they are ugly, they ream the earth and run off with the ugly profits and they want to drill right next door to you.
Here’s the pro side: Those anti people have no scientific evidence of any of that (except maybe the profits).

They’re not going to win with that argument.
Frackers should be engaging the world on how they have lowered emissions, and allowed drilling to occur in smaller areas than before. They should go on and on about no more need for Middle East involvement and how bad for the environment is importation of energy. They need a bunch of these guys talking about poor people and how fracking has helped to boost them. Instead they are suing the city of Longmont. [and good for them, they should]

Since really that’s the only way they will win, that’s what they need to do. I’ll support them, but to get me to care enough to leave my home and get involved in loud protests they’ll need a bigger hook. Maybe the old…..”First they came for the frackers and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a fracker…” line.

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