To the nth Degree

Yes, Sky News, people here in this country are soooooooo politically correct that they will view this interview by John McCain in a Vietnamese Prison and they will be appalled because he is smoking a cigarette.

The video portrays the Republican as a hero but the message may be tarnished as he is filmed smoking a cigarette.

Yes you pieces of shit, the evil Republicans will try to share John McCain’s true and horrible yet courageous and inspiring story. But do not be distracted. It’s the cigarette that is appalling.

Maybe someone should talk to Sky News about Obama’s nasty habit.

Sky News: In the bag for Barack Obama to the nth Degree

2 thoughts on “To the nth Degree

  1. The left-wing illuminati smoke just like the GOP. Why are people making the liberals out to be saints with no flaws or bad habits?

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