Thursday Fluff

This article cracked me up. It’s about going green and still feeling guilty. (especially about disposable diapers!)
The examples are pretty funny. Especially the guy that wants his wife to get one of those toilets that have a receptacle on top for washing your hands so the toilet uses the water you used to wash you hands. He has a pool. In the desert. Because it’s close to his mother-in-law.

The most sustainable people of all are those living in slums in big cities. With little heat, no car, and multiple families in single units.

Mr. Sliney: “You know what I think? If you wake up in the morning and your biggest concern is trash cans or what kind of window sprays you’re using, you are having it good. There are people who wake up and their biggest concern is getting fed.”

Amen to that.
Then there is this story out about mixed political marriages. The comments are fun. The examples in the story give quotes by leftie women dissing their rightie husbands.
Sadly, I think I’d have little respect for the thinking processes of a leftie husband were that to be the case. And were he so right as to want to shoot wolves on sight or privatize all public lands…….single forever, and another Amen!

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