Three More Days!!!

We have 3 more days until the election is over. I have fantasies of Obama needing to call and concede by 5pm on Tuesday because it is such an overwhelming win for Romney. I do hope that NY and NJ go Obama else we will never hear the end of Sandy ruining his election.
(maybe even PA….I know they were turning, but if they go Romney you KNOW it will be “Sandy’s fault”)

So, let’s gather together some positive news so that we can live the next 3 days in sunshine, lest it go dark. (and yes, Obama might win)

There is a LOT of Romney enthusiasm and equally as much ANTI-Obama enthusiasm. Is that because we’re all a bunch of racists? No. It’s because people know how Obama will govern now and they aren’t happy. AND it’s because they saw Romney and quit allowing Obama to beat into their skulls that Romney is a rich robotic white man who cares for nothing or anyone.

Instead people are seeing that Romney is a good man. And he’s a thinking man. And he’s a businessman. Has he flip flopped? Absolutely. Did I care? yes. Now weigh that against Obama’s manner of government and his own flip flops and what do you have?

(seriously – on facebook a friend added a video of Romney’s flip flops thinking that somehow would change someone’s vote. “I don’t usually post political things, but if you’re still planning on voting for Romney, watch this”. I watched it then replied with a list of Obama’s and let him know that flips and flops are not just in Romney’s territory.)

The American people are seeing
an Obama that thinks the Federal Government can run health care, yet run out of water in NY during a well predicted disaster.
They are seeing a government
that was foolish enough to have killed Osama and figured that was the end Islamism.
They are seeing a government that thinks it can dictate it’s way through all problems by bypassing Congress and treating people/businesses unevenly.
They are seeing a government with so little imagination that it can’t see the repercussions of it’s dictates, from tax policy to Fast and Furious.

Romney is going to win. People are not hesitant to support him like they were hesitant to support the GOP in 2008.

My prediction is a HUGE win for Romney. 53%. And when he does, I hope he spins a good one where he can use the Obama line about doing what he wants since he won. And then not. If you disagree, don’t tell me differently because I have 3 more days to believe this and it’s helping me to sleep.

Here’s a Diplomad post on the subject.
And just for fun….concerning “Mittmenum”, read a few comments from women on this column endorsing Obama due to the war on women via Romney.
ht Instapundit

53% people. Vote Romney!!!

2 thoughts on “Three More Days!!!

  1. Last time, Obama had every advantage and won the popular vote 52 to 48. I’m going out on a limb and saying 54 to 46.

    I want it for my country, for our economy, but I also want it to watch over and over again, the likes of Chrissy Matthews and the entire Obama reelection crew at MSNBC to meltdown. That ALONE is worth the price of admission.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  2. 54 v 48. I LOVE it!!! And don’t care if I’m in a bubble for the next 2.5 days now. Go Romney. It WILL be worth the price of admission!

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