Those 17 pregnant Girls

Those 17 pregnant girls in MA who made a pact to GET pregnant while in High School have gotten under my skin. Rachel Lucas has the best blog post I’ve seen of these chicks,

If you’re a 16-year-old girl and you have sex with a homeless man with the express PURPOSE of becoming pregnant, I am judging your ass off. Judge, judge, judging. I think you should be ashamed of yourself and that you should be embarrassed. Maybe feeling that way will help you learn a lesson that you so obviously need to learn.

yet she doesn’t address the thing that bugs me the most nor has anyone else. She talks about their lack of moral compass and their idiocy. The newspapers talk about offering easier birth control.

The problem here is lack of any sort of feeling for another human being. Not only the baby who now gets to grow up with a mother who is a child, but these chicks’ parents.

Each of these girls are in their teens. Their parents have already gone “Whew, we made it this far we only have 3-4 more years to go” (with any luck). And now they are going to be saddled with an infant.

They certainly can’t let their idiot daughters raise the infants. So who does that leave? Society as the ‘village’ will help through welfare and their school day cares. All of which work just fine in macro terms. Now lets go into the day to day life of these babies. Their mama’s going through their teenage years are sleepaholics (if I remember my own teenage years correctly). They have no money and no prospect to get money. At least one dad is homeless. I suspect the rest are high school students.

Their parents who should now be thinking about an empty house and new hobbies and who were not thinking of maybe having another baby, are having another baby. How unbelievably selfish of these little girls. I was 16 once and yes the world revolved around me and I wouldn’t have dreamed of purposefully getting pregnant during a time I was completely reliant on someone else!!!!

I suspect there is some law in MA that doesn’t allow parents to kick their children out before the age of 18, but that’s exactly what’s needed here. Good by, good luck. We love you, bring the baby around to visit every 4 months and we’ll make a feast.

2 thoughts on “Those 17 pregnant Girls

  1. It also goes to show an amazingly low self esteem level – I read one girl’s comments that they wanted to be loved by someone…and that they had no one to tell them a dog would be a better option!!!???

  2. The press’s comment about freer access to birthcontrol tells us a lot about the 4th estate these days. They don’t GET IT. These kids wanted to get pg and had no interest in birth control. duh!!!!!

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