This Blog

Check it out from the comments yesterday:
Terri,You’ve got to write more commentary instead of just linking.

Well far be it from me to deny a nonfamily, nonpersonalfriend fan the enjoyment of my commentary. Or in the famous words of someone “You like me….you really like me!”

Anyhow, it will be a year on April 1 (my birthday, hint, hint) since I’ve started this blog. The sole purpose of which was to consolidate links for my big sister. She was fascinated with the sphere but had no time for searching and clicking. So I put it all in one place for her. Now she has her own list of favorites so to quote another famous quote, “Mission Accomplished”.

I’ll give it a shot. The reasons I don’t comment much is a) I don’t fact check, so this way I don’t have to stand behind anything and b) I know my opinions, I like spending my time surfing others.

However, creating this blog has helped me to be able to articulate my opinions in conversation a lot more frequently, and I’ve already considered writing more as my anniversary date nears so Scott, thanks for the little push. I’ll give it a shot, I know I like reading your blog when it’s you writing and not just linking.