Things to think about

Back to the issue of torture as a source of information. Jeff Goldstein has an interesting post that points to how the information regarding the UK plot was gained. I think it is part of “why the world hates us”. We in our “moral superiority” act as if affronts to personal dignity are torture but we will gladly allow other nations to do the dirty work. Similar to the bill that passed in congress where they get to be “morally superior” to the folks on the ground by condemning it all and yet expect those folks on the ground to use their best judgement. And don’t worry, we’ll give you a lawyer if it comes down to it!

I’m not saying go for the gusto torture all prisoners is ok. I’m saying the adult thing to is, if it’s ok in Pakistan, admit that is may have it’s place and codify it. When/where/how is it to be used and on who. And if you use it wrong, then what are the penalties and reparations. If you use it wrong on purpose what are the penalties and reparations in that instance. If you use it based on good information and it turns out wrong, what are the reparations, etc, etc, etc.
Don’t leave it for others to decide all of this on a whim.