Things that Cracked me up

This morning while reading the papers things in the world just hit me as funny. Please pardon my lack of somberness because the events ARE serious. But listen…

ie. From the BBC regarding the Iran nuclear resolution, Ahmadijinad had this to say:

“Those who think they can use the language of threats and force against Iran are mistaken.”

“If they don’t realise that now, one day they will learn it the hard way,” he added.

while his ambassador said this:

Iran’s ambassador to the UN, Javad Zarif, rejected the move, saying the country’s nuclear programme “poses no threat to international peace and security”.

So how exactly are we supposed to take the original sentance? lol
In the NYTimes is a story about the U.S. insisting on disarmament of Hezbollah before a cease-fire while Europe wants a cease-fire first.
I am imagining these folks sitting around NY at the UN table discussing this and saying things like

France has circulated a Security Council resolution that calls for an immediate halt to the fighting, followed by a negotiated cease-fire and a political agreement, before any international force is deployed. Israel says an international military force should be put in place first. And the United States says there can be a cease-fire and political arrangements only after the formation of an international force to back them up.

As if this body of people, if only they could agree, could all of a sudden make changes in the situation in Lebanon/Israel. lol Pulease.
Until and Unless Israel agrees to anything they are saying they can talk all they want.
Until and Unless Hezbollah agrees to whatever “the plan” is, they can talk all they want. I’m not saying diplomats shouldn’t be talking over plans but sheesh, they act like they are actually in charge and can insist on cooporation whenever they decide.
And then there is book banning by the right wing religious fanatic evil lying no good administration who will snoop so low as to trace what you get from the library…… ooops, I mean the Brooklyn Public Library. (ht Powerline)
And then there is this from the Environmental Republican about universal health care.

However, the acceleration of treatment breached rules set by the Suffolk East Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), which stated that patients must wait at least 122 days, to ensure that its own resources were not exhausted too quickly.

And Hugo Chavez decides to declare war on Israel. From behind the skirts of Ahmadijinad.

If you want war, look for a real army to fight. If they want war, because of the demons inside them, why don’t they behave like a soldier? I am a soldier. Come up against us soldiers.

Him and who’s army? Code Pink? lol Tough guy that Hugo.
And finally, last night Israel helicopted commandos into Lebanon at a hospital, asked for and received id’s from people and took with them several Hezbollah officials AFTER being seen by Hezbollah.
Have a great day.
UPDATE: I almost didn’t read this story from the NYTimes regarding Bush Jr vs Bush Sr. but it was pointed out to me by my sister. So you suppose that Michael Moore will notice that apparently Bush Jr is NOT in the pocket of the House of Saud?

“Bush the father was from a certain generation of political leaders and foreign policy establishment types,” said William Kristol, the neo-conservative thinker who worked for the first Bush administration and is now editor of The Weekly Standard. “He had many years of dealings with leading Arab governments; he was close to the Saudi royal family. The son is less so. He’s got much more affection for Israel, less affection for the House of Saud.”

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  1. All you can hope with the health care thing is that your condition doesn’t “stabilize” as Best of the Web puts it, in those 122 days of waiting……

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