The World is Changing

I don’t mean the climate.
I do mean the world.

The US has stepped out of the leadership position. Others no longer await our word before acting. And now, after a direct refusal to help against the murderers of 21 Christians for being Christians the rest of the world will begin to create their own methods to find out the information they need to do this acting.
(recap, Egypt requested help in targeting ISIS. The US refused.)

We are out of the picture. We have at the very least 2 more years in this spot. 2 years where Egypt, Israel, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, etc, etc, etc all will need to increase their military sizes and their information gathering abilities. At the end of that time we will live in a world of mutually assured destruction once again.

I believe in the future of mankind, but these moments are telling and right now it’s telling all other countries that the US is no longer a leader of the free world and that if they intend to protect themselves they will need to do so for themselves. We are not to be counted on.
Kudos to Jordan. May they continue toward the path of freedom.
Kudos to Egypt. I would not have thought that protecting/avenging her Christians was a step she would take. Yet they did.
Kudos to the Kurds who won back Kobani (with air support).
And frankly lets give credit where credit is due. Iraqi militias need help from somewhere and if Iran will give it, then kudos to them for taking a step in the direction that may lead to the defeat of ISIS who needs to be ended once and for all.

Obama believes that climate change is the biggest threat to the world. He doesn’t treat ISIS as a threat and in some ways he’s correct. We CAN wipe them off the map. But we won’t. And so the threat remains. Directly to Longmont? Probably not. But to the entire wobble of the planet. Everything is changing now and we need to get used to it.

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