The Whackjob Feminist

I like to think that most of these crazies are accepted as crazies. But if the court is allowing lawsuits based on craziness, maybe not.

Somehow, this woman and her lawyer think that getting the boss a cup of coffee is “inherently more offensive to a woman” than a man.
Hence the lawsuit. And the crazymaking.

As Eric notes, if you accept that and then go asking only men to get the cup of coffee wouldn’t women then officially be discriminated against by not being allowed to do “men’s work”? I have a headache.

(ht instapundit, though I should be reading Classical Values daily anyway!)

3 thoughts on “The Whackjob Feminist

  1. I am devoted to training my son to see what women really are. I feel sorry for his future, I am sure he will be destroyed time and time again by the sniffling feminist weasels, that are destroying the hearts of our boys. Unfortunately, absolute destruction must come in order for people to know once and for all that, when men fail, they let themselves down. When women fail, they do everything they can to take everyone down. They are incredibly self-destructive, and don’t even have the power to admit it to themselves how nice it is to have a male counterpart in their lives to help save them from their violent emotional torrents. I am married, and it took 8 years of fighting, and screaming to get it through her rock hard skull that I am here for her. Now she is awesome. She finally realizes that I am the knight at her castle, and not the dragon. Definitely going to tell my son never trust a woman when it comes to sex.

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