The War

With who? Ragged Thots links to an interesting article about the NSA spying and Presidential powers. We’re at war, but when do we win so that all the extra powers go away? When Al-qaeda no longer exists? When they surrender? When Bin Laden is dead or locked up? Good questions all. I’m going with Bin Laden dead or locked up along with his top 5 or 10 – whoever they may be. At that point, then it’s threat levels and keeping them down and deciding what we’re willing to put up civil liberty wise, vs those threats. That all needs legislation. After we win.
That would be when I closed Guantanamo too, not before.

One thought on “The War

  1. But I heard that Guantanamo is like another Japanese internment camp? Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like it, so much……I don’t have anything to hide, and would rather not be monitored, but what a boring job to monitor me. So, as long as innocent people aren’t being presumed guilty and having to prove they are innocent…I am so far not too upset about the whole deal.

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