The War in Iraq (once known as the GWoT)

Where on earth is President Bush?
I realize 1/2 the people in this country don’t find him inspirational and another 1/4 don’t approve of him but his job includes a measure of leadership that I’m feeling is getting neglected lately.

What’s going on in reality? After George Bush is out of office there is no guarantee for the Iraqis, and the Democrats (who are polling better than Republicans for the next election) are saying we’ve “lost”.(and we’ve lost)

Sec Gates has reminded the Iraqis of this reality. So far so good. The surge appears to be making some progress while still only 60% staffed. And this staffing was made possible by increasing troop time to 15months vs 12, which is a bit wearing for the troops especially when they are getting the nonsupport from 2/3 of this country and our VA hospitals have become extra burdens for them to bear!

The Iraqis are going their own direction as far as the war is going while we are focusing on stafffing entries into and out of neighborhoods. (ps – This NYTimes story is about the torture done to Iraqis by Iraqis before information is given and shared with the US. What do they think is going to happen when we don’t have even a tiny bit of oversight? I doubt the Times will be there to note torture incidents after we’re gone.)

What could President Bush accomplish? He could be sharing this information with us vs the Washington Post and the NYTimes. I want to hear things from him. I suspect I’m not alone in this. These are the “generalities” that we the people need to hear about.

What is the long term plan for the military in Iraq? What happens after stabilization? Is the big plan to keep a base there? Is the big plan to leave completely? How do the Iraqis figure in the war on terror…especially now that many of the sheiks are fighting al-Qaeda? If the surge doesn’t work (and what is defined by working or not?) then is the plan to completely leave within the current term? We know Bush has promised not to abandon the Iraqis does that mean we stay until 2009 and he doesn’t help write the exit plan if the surge doesn’t work?

How about when the surge works but as we withdraw, then the “working” parts quit working?
Are we training the Iraqi soldiers to act like us or are we training them to get by?
And our soldiers? What specifically are we doing to help them. I know they got xtra pay for those 3 extra months but only because I know a soldier. What about the hospitals? What about future budgets for these folks?

I know he can’t give a speech and give us all the plans. I know that. But all the news I’m getting is coming out of the newspapers vs the President. (click here for Iraq the Models’ fed uppedness with the papers) He gives a speech and reminds us that al-Qaeda is still out there and evil still exits….ok….so what’s the plan, stan?

And from the Dems? What happens next? Does the theatre of operations completely move to Afghanistan? Do all the troops just drop everything and come home? Do they have a specific plan for tighter operations at home if the venue of war is no longer overseas?

I just kind of a regular person. I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way lately. The “War on Terror” terminology has disappeared. Now what? We have no idea what the big plan is because a) it could easily all disappear in 2009 (except of course where the enemy chooses not to disappear it!) and b) it feels like we’re just winging it without a President out there sharing his thoughts. I can’t even imagine how our men and women in the military who work directly for this man must be feeling right now. They are hacked to bits by the other side. The good guy needs to stand up and speak up. IMHO

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