The War

Mark Steyn today writes in the Suntimes concerning “Why the Iraq war is turning into America’s Defeat”. He mentions all that’s been going on including Murtha’s idiocy and the latest resolution(s). Here’s what struck me today. He mentions that the NYTimes is a) worried now that Moqtada is in Iran because there will be more chaos in Iraq without his militia working hard to keep things calm, and b) they seem surprised that Iran is aiding both Shiites and Sunnis!

Today also, in the NYTimes is an article about, well, here’s the title.

Iran’s Chance: U.S. Troubles in Iraq Create Opening for Regional Shift

Um, can I can “Duh” here?

Essentially this “news analysis” piece by Michael Slackman describes how Iranians might feel that instead of them meddling in Iraq’s affairs, it’s instead the US doing the meddling. They were there first. The article seems to explain to the US govt how our being there in Iraq has created a chance for Iran to gain influence in the region.
The crux being “George Bush went into Iraq with dreams of creating a stable Shiite majority country in the area while Iran is seeing this as an opportunity. Bush is too slow to see this, but don’t worry, i’ve written it all out for him.”

It appears to me that the press thinks the US Government is a bunch of idiots. I can only assume that follows down to all of our intelligence and military. Don’t we all not only remember, but even hear it now in some cases… evil the US is because we support bad guys in many areas of the world? And why do we do that?

Yes, we supported Saddam. Why? Well read the NYTime’s article today and it explains it quite simply. Of COURSE the US govt knows that by ousting Saddam it set Iran up to have hope that they can then swoop in. Of COURSE the US knows that Iran is helping both Shia and Sunni in Iraq right now because they are trying to foment chaos so that the US citizens will give up and insist on going home! And look who’s not surprised by Congress’s resolution last week. Iranian press.