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The Media once again doesn’t get it. Ina USAToday story regarding the Dixie Chicks and “the Incident” as they refer to it, not once, not once does it mention the real problem that people had with the Dixie Chicks.
They dissed our President during a time of war while in London.

While Maines did issue a conciliatory statement, the singer says, in retrospect, “I didn’t like people calling it an apology. I said as much as I could to salvage (the situation), or make it go away. But I couldn’t not be true to myself, and I meant what I said. I didn’t like the president.”

No one cares that she doesn’t like the President. Or that she spoke up about it. They care that she did it overseas. You just don’t do that.

Speaking of disagreements and how to speak of them….John McCain got heckled badly while giving a graduation speech at New School in New York. It’s an awesome speech and well worth the read whether you agree with his politics or not. In accepting the oppositional voices around him and the passion he was hearing, he let it be known that there is another side and that side is also passionate. And both feel they are right. And yes you must speak up. But do so without thinking the otherside is not equally as passionate about their choices.

I supported the decision to go to war in Iraq. Many Americans did not. My patriotism and my conscience required me to support it and to engage in the debate over whether and how to fight it. I stand that ground not to chase vainglorious dreams of empire; not for a noxious sense of racial superiority over a subject people; not for cheap oil–we could have purchased oil from the former dictator at a price far less expensive than the blood and treasure we’ve paid to secure those resources for the people of that nation; not for the allure of chauvinism, to wreak destruction in the world in order to feel superior to it; not for a foolishly romantic conception of war. I stand that ground because I believed, rightly or wrongly, that my country’s interests and values required it.

(I was going to paste some more, but just read the whole thing, get inspired like during your own graduation, then go out and do great things today!)

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  1. Plus, WHO CARES what a stupid hillbilly singer thinks about politics- why does an uneducated celebrity who never has the daily worries the rest of do about money and being a good person think everyone wants to know their political views? JUST sing and do your silly videos and let the folks with brains, morals and values handle the rest.

  2. Oh – see I disagree with that.
    No matter who you are, speak up, share your views on everything that you want to. Just don’t do it where you are dissing your family while over at the neighbors house.
    Diss your family in your own house, (or at therapy!)

  3. I agree with the rest of your post and am just disgusted with the fact that they get more credibility and a huge audience they don’t deserve on a political/intellectual basis, in my opinion- not at all saying they don’t have the right to say it.

  4. I really don’t see where dissing the president during a time of war, while on foreign soil is a problem. The greater harm has been done to the troops serving in a war that was not warranted.

  5. Hi,
    Actually, it’s a matter of class. If Bono were here and he dissed Tony Blair, or the Queen I would think he had no class.
    The Dixie Chicks’ “incident” showed they had no class. They are continuing to show they have no class by dissing fellow artists and a TV show that helped to launch them and to place the blame for not being able to sell records on the people who are tired of hearing from them because they have no class.
    And yes – the “class” character is very important to country music fans. It matters what you say in matters of business.
    If you are working for whoever, GE and go over to Amana and start dissing the CEO of GE you can expect to get a bit shut down. Yes, you’ll be allowed to speak, this is the US of A, but I really doubt that your boss will send you back to Amana for a visit anytime soon.
    Bono has class.
    Natalie Maines doesn’t.

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