The US (as perceived out in the world)

Today from Australia where the US and Australia just announced that in order to discourage illegal refugees they are going to exchange 200 of them.

Prime Minister John Howard said today the refugee exchange would deter asylum seekers from paying people smugglers for passage to Australia.

Australians are a little upset with this though because they think that all these refugees who want to go to the US will re-route to Australia hoping to be part of the exchange. And why do they want to go to the US over Australia?

Labor’s immigration spokesman Tony Burke warned the policy could encourage more boat arrivals.

“If you are in one of the refugee camps around the world there is no more attractive destination than to think you can get a ticket to the USA,” he told ABC radio.

“What John Howard is doing is saying to the people around the world, if you want to get to the US, the way to it is to hop on a boat and go to Christmas Island.”

Still not sure. Maybe it’s the weather.

In another part of the world (Saudi Arabia) the murders in Virginia have caused the writer to determine that we are a bunch of hypocrits who call suicide bombers “terrorists” yet Cho is not. Huh?
Read it, it’s interesting. I suspect the author approves of Iranian nukes or something.

Yet once within the capacious US borders, immigrants sign up to a constitution which includes this obsolete right to carry guns whose sole purpose is to kill. Gangland murders and campus massacres by deluded youths armed with lethal firepower are the price Americans pay for this blindness. Though they may be terrified and deeply disturbed, they do not see such crimes as terrorism or indeed as constitutionally state-sponsored terrorism.

That’s right. Our right to bear arms when it results in mass murder is “state-sponsored”.

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  1. I think you gotta write that off to ignorance- they obviously have no clue what is and isn’t “state sponsored”….just cuz guns are legal doesn’t mean they give you one with your tax return. hah hah oh but I guess you DO get other benefits whether you pay your taxes or NOT. arggh.

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