The UN: Working with the Dems

The UN is apparently working with Democrats now as it officially condemns human rights conditions in Iraq since the surge!

The UN mission for Iraq said Iraqi authorities had failed to guarantee the basic rights of about 3,000 people they had detained in the operations.

The report said four million Iraqis were at risk because of lack of food.

“Lack of food”. Has anyone else heard this is a problem there?

In the meantime hyscience has written a letter to Joe Lieberman. (ht Wizbang) I forgot that Joe can essentially fire Harry Reid of loser fame anytime he feels like it by switching parties. Conveniently he/she has included Joe’s phone number so you all can give him a call and encourage him too. (ps he/she also has the best blog roll of news sources around! I’ve added the site to mine.)

For today’s Harry Reid quote, I go to the NYTimes where after noting the tit for tat going on between Reid and VP Cheney, Reid says

“I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with somebody who has a 9 percent approval rating,” Mr. Reid said.


He said this moments after saying

“The president sends out his attack dog often,” said Mr. Reid. “That’s also known as Dick Cheney.”

He’s a clever one, that Harry.

Fire him Joe!!!!! Fire Him!!!