The UN at Work

“We call for another resolution in order to enforce the other resolution that we passed and then worked to make certain that 1/2 of the parties participated. But before that can happen we’ll need to pass a different resolution enshrining those that will be enforcing the first by the second resolution. ” I am not kidding.

The force’s powers would have to be internationally agreed and enshrined in a new Security Council resolution. That resolution would also call for an Israeli withdrawal.

And why oh why would any sane country allow UN forces in?

UNITED Nations peacekeepers have abandoned at least 20 babies fathered with poverty-stricken Timorese women.

A UN investigation has also uncovered a culture of cover-up, in which babies born to peacekeepers and sex crimes committed by UN staff in the past seven years have been kept secret because of a “fear of shame and embarrassment’ in the deeply religious country.

Scott has more. And may I recommend a book. Emergency Sex and other Desparate Measures An account of three peacekeepers times in the UN.

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