The UN

The UN so completely reeks that I will vote for whoever, whoever will promise to kick them out of our country.

Today there is a news story in the LATimes about the latest UN finding.

The United States has failed to uphold its international obligations to protect the human rights of migrants, subjecting too many to prolonged detention in substandard facilities while depriving them of an adequate appeals process and labor protections, a United Nations investigator said Friday.

Essentially the UN talked with “dozens of migrants, community activists, immigration attorneys and senior government officials. He toured the U.S.-Mexican border and visited a federal detention center in Arizona, but he was denied access to other facilities in Texas and New Jersey. ”
Yes, that’s going to give you an accurate picture.

The UN “investigator” Jorge Bustamonte also notes how we’ve become more xenophic since 911.??

Interestingly while not mentioning the healthcare, the education, the amount of people freely coming here, the UN also does not mention that we don’t actually kill border crossers either.