The Tea Party

Let’s make a rule. If you think you know what the tea party is… don’t. This is not the tea partiest of the tea partiers:

The race for Alabama’s 1st district seat being vacated by Republican Representative Jo Bonner pits an outspoken Tea Party candidate, Dean Young, against a pillar-of-the-establishment and former state senator, Bradley Byrne. This isn’t a race whose big fights are over minor differences because the candidates basically agree. Young supported the shutdown, ardently opposes same-sex marriage, wants to expel Republicans who disagree, and has ties to Alabama’s infamous”Ten Commandments Judge,” Chief Justice Roy Moore. He’s a Tea Partier’s Tea Partier.

Tea partiers don’t give a rip about same sex marriage and don’t necessarily want to expel Republicans who disagree with them. All they care about is the size/excess of the Federal Government. Anyone can call him/herself a tea partier, but anything beyond the money scope and being appalled by it is not part of the platform.

Take my word for it. That’s rule #2.

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