The Surge’s Surge

Michael Yon is there. Just like he’s always been. Mr. Yon’s feelings about this war in Iraq have adjusted over the years as he’s seen changes on the ground. One thing he has seen is that General Petraeus is the man for this job and right now the good General has a new plan. The battle has begun. (And surprisingly the battle has been kept secret even from the NYTimes until it had begun!)
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This snippet was written before hand but sent to his website after the battle had already begun. Read the rest:

The enemy will try to herd us into their traps, and likely many of us will be killed before it ends. Already, they have been blowing up bridges, apparently to restrict our movements. Entire buildings are rigged with explosives. They have rockets, mortars, and bombs hidden in places they know we are likely to cross, or places we might seek cover. They will use human shields and force people to drive bombs at us. They will use cameras and make it look like we are ravaging the city and that they are defeating us. By the time you read this, we will be inside Baquba, and we will be killing them. No secrets are spilling here.

Our jets will drop bombs and we will use rockets. Helicopters will cover us, and medevac our wounded and killed.

UPDATE: Col. Ralph Peters has written an interesting column about why Hamas won. Essentially it’s because they are religious extremists believing so much in their rightness that they could defeat a bunch of hired hands from Fatah. He kind of has a point, but he tries to correlate that with Iraq and that’s where I think he goes wrong.
The Palestinians are used to thuggery. Hamas won yes, just like al-Qaeda often wins. But after a time, good people do get fed up with thuggery and do a take down if they are strong. See Anbar. Are the Palestinians good people who want peace….maybe not so much. But I believe the Iraqis are. Did they take down their own personal thug Saddam. No, they didn’t. They didn’t have the strength. However- many are appreciative of this opportunity given to them by the US.
We are not occupiers there. Mr. Yon seems to think that under General Petraeus we are acting less like occupiers so that there is less confusion regarding this. The Iraqis are good people and they are getting stronger. al-Qaedians do believe in their rightness. But they are evil and it’s showing. Iraqis are finding out that they are strong enough and they are learning, based on their own families getting kidnapped/beheaded etc, that they too believe in something that is right.
So keep cheering them on!

UPDATE 2: My apologies to Mr. Yon who probably doesn’t realize that until this moment the snippet above contained more than 75 words. He’s a writer and deserves to have his own site visited and requests that smaller quotes be used. It’s my pleasure to comply and forgive me for not having read your request on your site earlier. Terri

ps – go visit his site and send money.

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  1. Michael Yon made me cry. Am thinking we should just get the ____ out of there and drop some huge bombs. We have tried the civilized way and obviously it isn’t working.

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